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  1.  Btwin Original-7-Grey

    Btwin Original-7-Grey

    Regular touring and journeys on roads and paths in great comfort. Learn More

    Regular Price: Rs26.00

    Special Price Rs22.10

  2. Kross Venom 20T

    Kross Venom 20T

    • Sporty European design BMX Frame.
    • Extra raised handle bar and soft grips for better control.
    • Alloy rims are both light weight and rust free.
    • Maintenance free One Piece Crank.
    • Attractive colour and finish.
    Learn More

    Regular Price: Rs5,397.95

    Special Price Rs4,249.42

  3. Kross Evox 360 20T

    Kross Evox 360 20T

    The lorem ipsum text is typically a scrambled Learn More

    Regular Price: Rs6,384.21

    Special Price Rs5,226.14

  4. Btwin Original-5-Cmw

    Btwin Original-5-Cmw

    The lorem ipsum text is typically a scrambled Learn More

    Regular Price: Rs20,148.44

    Special Price Rs17,126.01

  5. Kross Buddy 12T

    Kross Buddy 12T

    Cycling is a wonderful outdoor activity and it helps in physical and intellectual development of your kids. They are not going to remain kids for much longer; it’s their only chance to enjoy their childhood with fun. With the cool sunny look and a sturdy steel frame, Kross Buddy 12T offers a comfortable ride for your younger one. It has a backrest support to give an additional comfort while riding. It is also equipped with the best stop on dime caliper brakes that avails an extra safety for riders. A supportive structure of the saddle makes it much easy for the child. ​Gobiking is the ultimate place to buy every type of junior bikes online. Learn More

    Regular Price: Rs3,701.15

    Special Price Rs3,077.57

  6. Btwin 24Inch-Poply-300

    Btwin 24Inch-Poply-300

    Cycling for people with height 135-155cm. Learn More

    Regular Price: Rs16,966.94

    Special Price Rs14,421.74

  7.  Btwin 20-Racing-Boy-5

    Btwin 20-Racing-Boy-5

    Children between 6 to 8. this bike has v brakes to enable your child to stop effortlessly. the bike comes with front and back lights. this bike also has a derailler protector to ensure that the derailer does not break if the bike is dropped. Learn More

    Regular Price: Rs13,785.44

    Special Price Rs11,717.46

  8. Kross Extreme 20T

    Kross Extreme 20T

    Kross has come up with another awesome Extreme 20T bike. This beautiful bike is sure to take a hold of heart and mind of your son and can serve as an amazing gift for the next birthday of your young one. A gift that he will not forget for a long time! >>​br>>This junior bicycle is designed by keeping in mind all the needs of older kids and young people. The bike has some amazingly cool and advanced features which are hard to find even in an adult bike! Though the design is akin to that of an adult model, the structure of the bike is built in such a way that it completely suits the kid’s anatomy. The bike is not just for street riding, but it is equally suitable for adventurous trips through mountains. This all in one cycle has all the features that can take the overall riding experience of the kids altogether to a next level. Learn More

    Regular Price: Rs5,566.56

    Special Price Rs4,546.36

  9. Kross Buddy 20T

    Kross Buddy 20T

    So your kid just turned 5 and, like many other kids of the world, pleading to have a new bike and you are scratching your head in dilemma as to which is that ultimate junior cycle that ensures safety and pleasure. Well then putting a full top to all your worries, Kross is pressing this amazing Buddy 20T bike for all the cute riders in the age group of 5 to 8 years. >>​br>>Kross Buddy 20T is available in super attractive side supports cum training wheels. The extra pair of side wheels is attached to make the journey of the novice riders completely safe and enjoyable. It will help your kids to learn the great skill of riding a bike in the most secure and hassle free way and you will end up enjoying complete piece of mind. The seat of the cycle comes with a back support to make sure that the user gets total comfort while riding. Moreover, the handle is also slightly extra raised and a basket carrier is attached in the front, where things like water bottle can be easily kept. In short, every important thing, from the point of view of a kid, is taken care of in designing this bicycle. Learn More

    Regular Price: Rs5,026.77

    Special Price Rs4,117.92

  10. Kross Blue Bell 20T

    Kross Blue Bell 20T

    • Stylish European Frame design.
    • Unbreakable medium size basket.
    • Back rest support for additional comfort.
    • Raised handle gives extra shoulder support and soft grips for smooth riding.
    • Friction free cable casing and molded brake levers for effective braking. 
    • Aluminum rims for lighter weight.
    Learn More

    Regular Price: Rs4,920.72

    Special Price Rs4,177.31

35 Item(s)

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